Tips for a successful boudoir session

You booked your boudoir session, next your thinking….now what?! Don’t worry we have a whole article for you on what to do next!

We’re here to cover all the deets with you!

First things first….

Head to the internet or Pinterest and start searching boudoir outfit inspiration! You’ll see everything from relaxed, casual sexy look to a full lingerie outfit with heels! You’ll get a feel for the vibe you’re interested in. The photos that you’re drawn to, see if the pose is similar, or if the colors are the same, is the hair the same…. from here you’ll start to visualize the type of session you’d like. Are you into vibrant and colorful, moody and dark or clean and minimalistic?

What should I wear..

First, look in your closet, see what you have. Try sets on and look in the mirror! Do you feel good in what you have on? Maybe, it’s time for a little shopping! If you’re drawn to color find sets that are colorful…if you’re drawn to layers, bring a button down along with you or a t-shirt to layer. We LOVE layers! We also LOVE tights, fish nets, heels, blazers/shirts this adds texture and a completed look if you’re into this vibe. Try and find lingerie that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident. Lingerie sets can be super hot BUT sometimes cotton undies and a t-shirt can be just as sexy! What would you wear if you wanted to look your best? Have fun and be adventurous!

Make it bridal…

If you’re looking to make your boudoir session a bridal boudoir session, we recommend bringing a veil along! All lengths are great for bridal boudoir shoots. Decide if you want an all white bridal look, wear white lingerie or choose a moody outfit & have your veil for contrast! We love playing with the veil for these type of sessions. You can include wedding jewelry & heels if you’d like to complete the look.

After you book your session…

-If you’re booking a wax, we recommend booking one week before your session

-Book your hair cut/color, one week before your session

-Schedule your mani/pedi, 1-2 days before your session

-Schedule your spray tan or tanning visit 2-3 days before your session

-Drink plenty of water, water hydrates & give us glowing skin!

-Start trying on and picking outfits out!

The day of boudoir session…

-We suggest wearing clear or no deodorant

-Lotion up! Moisturizing is always a good idea, let your skin feel amazing.

-Make sure to eat light and drink water prior to your session, so you feel your best! Avoid bloating foods.

-Make sure to not wear tight fitting clothing, so no lines or tight marks appear. Wear comfy sweats and roomy shirts. Bring your lingerie and cut off any tags! Don’t forget to pack some heels & jewelry if you’d like!

-RELAX! It’s normal to have nerves in front of the camera. Give us 10 minutes and we’ll be in the poses with you, laughing and have a good time! You’ll be feeling sexy in a matter of minutes! It’s our job to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We can’t wait for your boudoir sesh! -Adrienne & Amber

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