This is a great resource for frequently asked questions that we receive quite often. We complied this list together for you in hopes to answer any question you may have!

Before you book…

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, we absolutely do!
When will I receive a written contract?
You will need to fill out a contact when you are ready to book with our company. The contract needs to be signed with your deposit to save your wedding date.
What is the difference compared to owners Adrienne & Amber and our associate photographer Stephanie as a main shooter?
Adrienne & Amber have more experience as wedding photographers, they have photographed over 450 weddings. Our associate have been starting to build their portfolio as wedding photographers. When you book with Stephanie, all editing is done through our company. Our editing & collections look similar yet can have different artistic visions. Stephanie has been trained by owners Adrienne & Amber and have great artistic vision. She loves photographing weddings and will come eager to photograph your big day.
Do We Travel?
We’re based out of Royal Oak, Michigan but LOVE traveling for weddings! Some places we have been are Florida, California, Massachusetts, Punta Cana, Jamacia, Mexico, Traverse City, Bay Harbor and Petoskey. Let us travel with you to capture your day. We love exploring new locations it creatively inspires us!
Why Pay for Professional Engagement Photos?
You may ask, “Is it worth it? Why should I have engagement photos done if I will be taking professional wedding photos already?” There are plenty of reasons why so many couples are choosing this option. Engagement photo sessions are completely different from the photographs that you will be taking on your wedding day. This applies to the final images, format and the entire experience.

Get to Know Your Photographer: For one, your own private photo session will give you a chance to get to know your photographer’s working style and personality before the wedding. You can get acquainted and feel comfortable with one another. It allows a good photographer to capture the real you and obtain a grasp of your needs.

Open Format: Remember that engagement photos are really all about you. There’s no set format, so feel free to dress it up or down however you like. If your a boater, we can get some amazing shots on the docks down by the water. We can be as creative as you’d like.

Learn to Work with Your Partner: An engagement session provides a staging ground for you and your future spouse to get some experience working in front of the camera. Often times during the wedding you will be busy with family, friends and guests, but you won’t have much time to yourselves. You will not only learn what to expect from your photographer during the photo shoot, but from each other as well. If one of you is camera shy; what better time to practice how to loosen up? There’s absolutely no pressure.

Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?
It is a lot of work even when it seems that the wedding photographer shows up on the wedding day, snaps some photos for a few hours, and then weeks later delivers the product. Most of the work that wedding photographers do is behind-the-scenes. The entire editing usually takes several days followed by more backing up of edited images, which take more days. We are then tasked with blogging those images, creating proofing materials, working with clients to create beautiful album layouts, submitting albums to manufacturers, ordering and shipping products, and finally delivering all promised items. All of these little steps take time. A normal wedding from start to finish usually takes us anywhere from 45-80 hours to complete. We are constantly working to provide our clients with the best possible experience from their wedding photography in terms of customer service as well as the artwork itself. Don’t cheap out on your photographers. Memories last a life time; flowers, cake & linens last one night. These are memories that will be passed down and shared with grandchildren, history in the making.
What are the Benefits of Having Two Photographers at your Wedding?
With two photographers, you’ll receive a greater variety of compelling images. Your wedding day is filled with so many incredible moments, it is not possible for a single photographer to capture it all. The entire day is captured by two different perspectives and different angles, unique yet complementary styles. One photographer can capture the bride with her bridal party getting ready while the other photographer can focus her attention on the groom & the groom’s party. Of course, an experienced single photographer can do a great job at capturing the day’s events but two photographers can capture twice as many moments in the wedding.
Why Should I Hire Adrienne & Amber?
We tell all our clients to read our reviews on The Knot and research around to other photographers to make sure we are a good match for you! Our brides & grooms tell us we make them feel comfortable at their engagement shoot which makes their wedding day a relaxing and comfortable experience. We like to show our clients full galleries of other weddings we have photographed so you know what you’ll be receiving. There are many companies out there and don’t show you one couple’s entire wedding day and that is not us! We show full wedding galleries capturing the beginning of the day where you’re getting ready to the end of the reception night with professional and with artistic style. We come equipment with two photographers and back up camera & lighting equipment.

Once you’ve booked your wedding, you have more questions….

What Should I Bring with me to my Engagement Shoot or on my Wedding Day?
Here’s a few of our personal recommendations!

Clear lip gloss or lipstick. You’ll want to make sure you have the lip gloss or stick you prefer with you, to make your lips look moist and beautiful in the photographs.

Oil Shine Pads. Your wedding day is a full day event, we recommend keeping oil shine pads in your purse with you! This way you can help reduce the oil and shine on your face. This will help make a big difference in your photographs.

Tissue. Keep some tissue on your in case your make up runs due to crying, wind or other circumstances!

Safety Pins. Make sure to have a couple safety pins on hand in case you or one of your bridesmaids has a dress malfunction!
Bottled Water. A lot of times we forget how thirsty we get, keep bottle water with you in your car or limo. It’s important to hydrate!

How many outfits should we bring to our engagement session?
One-two outfits is totally fine! If you’d like to maximize your time plan on staying in the same outfit.
How long until I receive my engagement photos?
You’ll receive an online gallery that will allow you to download the high resolution digital files via email 3-4 weeks after your session.
What can you do with your Engagement Photographs?
If like most couples, you are looking for a fun way to entertain your guests during the wedding reception, consider using the photos as part of a slideshow. Reception slideshows have become a favorite choice because they are personal, easy to put together as well as operate, and they beckon for everyone’s involvement in an unobtrusive way.

The engagement session photos can be included in your wedding album to create a prequel; leading into the wedding day story.

You can use the photographs for your wedding thank you cards.

Another option is to use the images in a guest book where guests can sign on the day of the wedding.

If you want a display piece, you can select one or two of your favorite photos from the engagement session to be enlarged and displayed at your wedding. The cocktail hall or gift table is a great place for this. Rather than a guest book, you can opt to have a signature mat around the enlargement where guests can sign.

You can order print enlargements for family members as gifts.

How long until I receive my wedding photos?
You’ll receive an online gallery that will allow you to download the high resolution digital files via email 8-10 weeks after your wedding. You also will have a special package from us that includes a thumb drive with all your wedding images on it.
What is your style when photographing a wedding?
We create a timeline for you to help your day run smoothly. We have many years of experience shooting weddings and want to make your day less stressful on you. We do not constantly pose you and get in your face. We will photograph the day as it unfolds and capture important moments. We want you to be natural and calm this will ensure that your photos have you look relaxed and happy! We love being there and a part of your day, we will lend you a kleenex or help hold your veil, whatever you need from us! However, we will do this an UN-obtrusive way so you can enjoy yourself. We dress professionally and will bring a smile. 🙂 We do our best to blend in and not stand out.
Do you use natural light or flash?
We do both! This is our profession and we will come prepared and ready to photograph your wedding.
Do you have back up equipment?
Yes, we do! We will come prepared and ready to capture your beautiful day!