Behind Adrienne & Amber
{a letter from Adrienne}

Not many people get to wake up every morning and enjoy running a wedding photography company {or any business for that matter} with their best friend… but “I do.” In fact, sometimes we are so in sync that without word from one another we end up matching. Actually, this seems to happen more often then not. Or we go an entire day assuming its Friday, but rather its Thursday and have completed our to do lists a full day early.  Simply {and quickly} put… we are soul sisters.

Amber and I began our adventure together in 2002 upon graduating with a Bachelors of Photography from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit.  We have built a team balanced by natural talent, passion and professional qualification. Every couple that we meet has their own chemistry and different set of needs. With a team as versatile, educated, and easy going as ours catering to each couple is what we do best.

Our goal is for you to look back on your day and remember it for the intimate and quiet moments, for the laughter and joy on the dance floor, for all the moments that fly by all too quick. Because it does go by all too quickly. Yes… I know you’ve heard that a million times and it’s more true then you can ever know until it happens. But those moments? The ones that make your heart flutter, laugh, or even sing? Those are the moments we get to press pause for you. So that you can enjoy them “now… and forever.”