Cory + Amber

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We had so much fun with this couple and are in love with our bride to be’s dresses! Lots of smiles, dancing and cuddles. Here is a few of our favorites from their fall nature engagement session.

“We both went to the same school growing up. Towards the end of our senior year we briefly talked but then went off to different colleges and lost touch. Then, 6 years later, we ran into each other at our hometown bar the night before Thanksgiving and things took off from there!”

January 31st, after over 3 years of dating, Cory and I were on a trip to Miami, FL with my dad, sister, and stepmom. We were going to dinner at the Versace mansion that night so we all got glammed up and when we were leaving the hotel, Cory asked my sister to take a picture of us. He got down on one knee right as she was about to take it and he proposed. Then, right after, all eight of our parents came out from the hotel and surprised me – they all flew down to Miami just to be apart of our big moment. I couldn’t believe everyone had kept this huge secret for so long and I never had a clue. Cory had hired a photographer to take pictures of everything so now we have amazing memories to look back on. I was completely blindsided and so beyond excited!

“One of our favorite things to do is book flights to different places and take vacations together. But we also love spending time at our house with our puggle, Cuddi, and watching our favorite shows. We also really love exploring the area and finding fun, new restaurants and bars to hang out in. Family and friends are very important to us so we try to spend as much time with them as possible. ”

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