3 Tips for an Unforgettable Family Shoot

Hey guys! We thought It’d be helpful to share some feedback on questions we receive quite often about preparing for family photo sessions.

  1. Trust the Photographer: As a photographer, we understand the importance of lighting and location in creating stunning photographs. Trusting your photographer’s expertise in selecting the right time of day and location for your session can make a significant difference in the outcome of your photos. They have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are captured in the best possible light, both figuratively and literally.
  2. Natural Posing: Authenticity is key in photography, especially when it comes to posing. Instead of overthinking your poses, trust the photographer to guide you into natural and flattering positions. A skilled photographer knows how to capture your personality and essence through candid and relaxed poses, resulting in photographs that truly reflect who you are.
  3. Have Fun: Family shoots are all about capturing genuine moments and emotions. Rather than focusing on looking perfect or constantly posing for the camera, prioritize having fun and enjoying quality time with your loved ones. Genuine laughter, smiles, and interactions make for the most memorable and heartwarming photographs. Letting loose and being yourselves will not only result in better photos but also create cherished memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Get your family excited for the photoshoot!

Allow yourself plenty of time to get your family ready for your session. Start earlier than you think for less stress. Remember, your kids feed off your energy. Happy parents cultivate a happy environment for their kids to be silly & cute during the fun we have in our photoshoot.

Things to avoid before your photo shoot….

-Trying a new skin care routine

-Ignoring your. nails! Your spending money on a photoshoot, make sure your nails are to your liking.

-Keeping your kid’s tattoos on….remove them prior to our session.

-Eating bloating foods…keep the diet light and easy so everyone’s feeling their best

-Staying up too late, make sure everyone’s get their beauty rest.

Don’t forget to laugh!

Your kids LOVE to see you happy! They love to laugh and be silly with you. Creating this type of atmosphere is how we capture those beautiful smiles.

When your kids hug you, hug them back and embrace it.

We promise, you’ll love these images we capture.

Hope these tips help you prepare mentally for your photo session!

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