Sam + Gianna

“Sam and I met through a mutual friend. My friend’s cousin asked me if she could set me up with one of her husband’s friends and give him my number. I said “Sure, I’m always up to meeting new people.” (Haha) Little did I know that he would be the love of my life. Two years ago, July 9th Sam texted me for the first time. We instantly connected and chatted all day! It wasn’t until two weeks later that we went on our first date. We had the best time ever. We even closed down the bar at 2am because neither of us wanted to leave each other. Both of us can say from that moment on we knew we were going to get married. 11 months later from our first date Sam proposed! He took me back to our first vacation spot together, Port Austin, MI. We planned a friends weekend up north, well I thought it was a friends weekend. Turns out nobody else was going up there except us. We drove up on a Friday and headed straight to the beach to catch the sunset. When we got there a photographer that Sam hired who was pretending to work for the city asked us if he could take some photos. After about 15 minutes of taking pictures the photographer posed me facing the beach and Sam standing behind me. He told me to turn around and Sam was down on one knee holding out the ring. I was 100% speechless, I just froze up, didn’t move, and didn’t say anything. I eventually shook my head yes because no words would come out of my mouth! Sam actually planned an entire weekend for us, not just a proposal! He planned an evening downtown with massages and dinner and then the next day he planned a surprise proposal party with all of our friends. It was one whole weekend that neither of us will ever forget!  “

“Okayyyyy AMAZING! Thank you so much! How will I ever choose! Soooo pretty! Can’t wait for the wedding.” Gianna Sabatino

Photographer: Adrienne & Amber | serving all of Michigan + travel

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