Rod + Katie

“Katie and her girlfriends decided to return to their Alma Mater, Central Michigan University, for the 2016 Homecoming Game in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. While tailgating Katie spotted Rod from across the way. After a couple of drinks of liquid courage, Katie decided to go up to the man that she had been calling “silver fox” to all of her girlfriends. After talking for a while at tailgate we exchanged numbers and hung out with our mutual friends that night. After several weeks of texting and talking on the phone, Rod asked me on our first date. After a couple of dates, we found we had many more ties than just our friends were friends. Our families are from neighboring towns and actually knew each other from childhood, my grandparents and his great grandparents are buried next to each other and Rod had played for a summer baseball team in college that my Dad had sponsored. Life mysterious ways!”

“It all started with a family vacation to the Champagne region of France. Little did she know, Rod had been researching with her dad for the perfect spot to plan this proposal. After dinner the day before, their guide, Simone, showed the family this beautiful cathedral the Notre Dame de Reims and Rod knew this would be the perfect spot. The day of the proposal, we started our day at the oldest family-owned Champagne House, Taittinger. While Katie was in awe of the caves and Champagne House, Rod started to form a plan with her family. Earlier that morning he had given the engagement ring to Ali, Katie‘s future sister-in-law. After the tour, unbeknownst to Katie, her father was purchasing the celebratory champagne to pop at La Fontaine Sube in Reims city center after the proposal. It was pretty cold that day and there wasn’t a lot of tourists in front of the cathedral so it was the perfect opportunity. Rod asked Katie to go get a closer look at the cathedral and he got down on one knee. It was perfect!”


“We were brought together by fate. Our families knew each other from growing up and our friends were mutual friends but we hadn’t crossed paths yet. Once we did meet it was meant to be.”

Photographers: Adrienne & Amber

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