Rebecca + Dan

“We first met at a rooftop party in downtown Chicago on Memorial Day 2016 and were introduced to
each other through a mutual friend. Later that night we went to a bar with a few friends and the two of
us ended up trying to one up the other on the dance floor (Rebecca won).
From there, we went on our first official date to a Chicago Cubs game on July 19th , 2016. And as they
say…the rest is history. A year and 8 months later, Dan worked up the courage to propose to Rebecca in
her hometown of Grosse Pointe, Michigan.
On the drive from Chicago to Michigan, Dan had suggested they stop at St. Paul’s Church on the way to
her sister’s place for Easter that Saturday. Dan wanted to pay respects to Rebecca’s Mom and
grandparents that he heard so many great things about.
Once they arrived at the church that Saturday morning, Rebecca showed Dan where her Mom and
grandparents were as they walked around holding one another closely. Dan then insisted they walk
down to the lake shore to take a picture together for Easter. It was a cold and windy day unfortunately
and Dan could only get Rebecca so far down the long driveway of St. Paul’s before Rebecca wanted to
turn back towards the car.
Dan then stopped Rebecca and took a deep breath. The point of the walk down to the shore was not to
take a picture. Dan then told Rebecca that he had already asked for her Dad’s permission and today he
had to ask for her mom’s. Dan then got down on one knee and asked Rebecca to marry him.

She said yes!!!”

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