Matt + Morgan

Beautiful evening with Matt and Morgan at the property that they bought for their home together. We laughed and genuinely had a great time during their engagement session, it was so relaxed and fun. We are so excited to photograph their wedding!

“”My best friend introduced Matt and I. She always tried setting me up with her boyfriends friends growing up, and it was an ongoing joke of how bad of a ‘matchmaker’ she was! So when she told me I just HAD to meet her boyfriend’s friend, Matt, I was absolutely hesitant. After about a month of texting back and forth, we decided to go on a date. I realized I had went on my last first date the day I met Matt. Fast forward two and a half years later, Matt told me he wanted to cook me my favorite dinner (which isn’t out of the ordinary, it’s my absolute favorite when we stay in and he cooks). Only this time I arrive to a dinner table covered in rose petals, my favorite wine, and my dog with a bandana on that says ‘Will you marry my dad?’. I don’t even remember Matt getting down on one knee – I was so surprised and overcome with excitement! In a few short months we start the construction of our home, and a few months after that – OUR WEDDING! So excited for life with this guy!”

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