Matt + Jessie

Matt & Jessie

“Matt and I met in November 2012. A mutual friend of ours invited me to Matt’s house before going out to Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak. We got to talking about what snack food is better, Goldfish or Cheez-its, something that we never came to an agreement on! The next week Matt asked me on our first date to Ronin Sushi. Conversation was easy and he was such a gentleman!”

“On April, 8th 2017 Matt asked me to marry him. We started the day at brunch with a few friends for my birthday which was the day before. After brunch we went to the Detroit Zoo. The zoo was always one of our favorite date spots. Right as we were nearing the lions, Matt asked me if we could take a seat at the picnic table we were passing. After sitting down, Matt told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and got down on one knee. We were engaged! I was very surprised and excited! After that, we agreed to leave the zoo and find somewhere to celebrate! I was asking a million questions about who knew and when we were going to tell everyone. I couldn’t wait to share our exciting news! Little did I know, when we walked out of the zoo both of our families were waiting for us. We all went out to dinner to celebrate. I was so impressed that Matt knew how important it would be to me to have both of our families with us that day. It really was the best day.”


“Matt’s sense of humor is what really drew me to him. We can laugh our way through anything! He is my best friend and I can’t wait for June 16th to start the rest of our lives together!”

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