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John + Jennifer

John & Jennifer

Joshua Tree, California

“We met at a friends birthday party last February and started dating a few weeks after that.

There were a few moments that were pretty “aha” for me. One was that about 6 months into our relationship I remembered a list I had made 10 years before. A list with 20 qualities I wanted in my future husband, and the list was very specific. I went into my closet to find a shoe box that contained my journal from 10 years before, and I cried on my bed as I read the list over, because I realized that he had all 20 qualities. He was the man that I had been dreaming of 10 years before, and he had even more qualities than I had even asked for or dreamed of. I cried also because I realized that through those 10 years I had really lost hope and lowered my standards so much. Through those 10 years I really struggled with the pain of broken relationships, of trying to make things work that should have been let go long before with people that were not right for me. Maybe I thought I was being too picky, or maybe I thought that I didn’t even deserve the man of my dreams. I had forgotten about the list for so long! I had dated people that didn’t have many of the qualities that I really valued. I dated people that I was trying to make my puzzle piece fit into or vice-versa and it was painful and frustrating. When I met John, it was the easiest thing in the world. It’s as if my heart had known this man all my life. It’s a love that I have never experienced and I wish I had known that THIS is what real love was like. I know he’s not perfect because none of us are but he is perfectly imperfect for me and I love him to the moon. I can’t wait to give him my heart forever.”

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