Joe + Stephanie

Joe + Stephanie // 08.18.18

Whimsical and beautiful, these two produced stunning photos. The intimate details included in the overall aesthetic of the wedding essentially created a gorgeous set of photos. “The style we went for was (loosely) whimsical Italian vineyard with a bohemian touch. One theme we found consistent about our wedding was in the details: the majority of our vendors and our decorations were intentionally chosen to support small and local businesses or family friends. Everything in our wedding was created with love and handmade to support for the many talented, creative friends and loved ones we are surrounded with! We were inspired to be married at Weller’s Carriage House because Joey’s mom, when very pregnant with Joey 25 years ago, actually went into labor on Weller’s dance floor when attending a family wedding weeks prior to Joey’s due date. She had to leave the wedding that night and rush to the hospital to deliver Joey early the next morning! We like to joke that our partnership (or at least half of it) was born to be married there ūüôā and go figure – it makes sense that my husband with his infamous moves would be born on a dance floor!”

Photographers: Adrienne & Amber

Ceremony & Reception Location: Weller’s Carriage House

Bridal Dress: Gina’s Bridal in Milford, MI (designer Casablanca Bridal)
Tux: ASOS.com

A few words from the bride & groom…“The Weddings by Adrienne & Amber team was a perfect fit for my fiance at the time, now husband, as soon as we met. We clicked in personality (I imagine that’s hard NOT to do with such sweet, genuine girls like these!) and the consistency of style with individual flare offered by each photographer in the intimate team of A&A were impossible to pass up. We could not have made a wrong decision between the talents available for our special day. Not only was our engagement session so…much…fun, we got a large album of photos bursting with beauty. I can’t explain how many people demanded to know my photographers as soon as these were released — a year later, I still look at those every day. Just yesterday, my husband and I received our full wedding collection and my heart dropped yet again. Immediately I could FEEL the emotions the girls captured for us all over again, the moments of my wedding recreated before my eyes. Without the proof of the images themselves, it’d be hard to believe they were in SO many places at once, snapping shots all day long, never missing a beat, because they seemed to disappear in our crowd and blend into the love we were surrounded by in the best way. Whenever a moment seemed picture worthy, they were there before we could ask. Whenever I or my husband wanted the sense of “alone time” without feeling the nervous sensation that someone was hoping for a good quality photo but still hoped for the moments to be captured (i.e. getting ready, our first look, last few moments before our ceremony, dancing) we nearly FORGOT our photographers were even present because of how effortlessly they floated through the crowd. They functioned as magical memory makers along with event planners…heck I could hardly count how many hats they wore, as they fluffed our girls’ dresses and whispered if an undergarment was showing or a makeup splotch appeared unfortunately placed — they had our backs the entire night. All of this came flooding back (in the form of happy tears) when I spent a full hour scrolling slowly, lovingly through the most incredible pictures I’ve not only ever seen, but ever imagined to remember that day by. I’m more than grateful…for this dynamic duo and the team they work with, and for the flexible word count in this review section for allowing me to gush all my love”

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