Jeff + Katherine

Jeff & Katherine

“We met while both on tour! We’re both musicians, and we met while we were both performing with our bands at a music festival in Syracuse, NY. At the time Jeff was living in Boston and I (Katharine) was living in LA, so we were long-distance for the first year and a half of our relationship. It was tough, but we both just wanted to be together, somehow, so in that way it was super easy. We basically got to know each other over the phone, as well as with lots of care packages and love letters. These days (besides planning our wedding and living in the same state) we are lucky enough to work together on lots of different work projects, which makes us a really good team. It’s a blessing to be able to work together on a project or a recording session during the day, and then in the evening come home to each other as well! We get the best of both worlds. ”

We couldn’t get enough of the dessert beauty-loved our time at Joshua Tree National Park in California. We went on adventures with some amazing couples and document their love. It was truly inspiring hearing their love stories and being surrounded by such beauty! – Adrienne & Amber

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