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Greg + Lydia // Monemvasia, Greece

Greg + Lydia // Monemvasia, Greece

“I took Greg to Monemvasia the first time he came to Greece with me (when he asked my dad to marry me!) and we have both loved it. Monemvasia is a town on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese. There lies site of the powerful medieval fortress… how could we not take pictures there? The water surrounding us and the beautiful scenery. It is something Greg and I will never forget.”

“Greg and I met back when I was 19 and Greg was 20. We had always remained friends and never seemed to cross the line into anything more- but their was always something there which we both knew. Long night car rides singing songs at the top of our lungs, going to the Coffee Bean in Downtown Plymouth and walking around talking for hours were just some of the few things that stayed constant over the years. Time would pass where we didn’t talk for some time but we would always reconnected. Somehow and somewhere. After 10 years and a deployment coming up for Greg I thought, why not now? Probably all the wrong times for so many reasons but I was determined. He didn’t want to put anyone through a deployment let alone a new relationship. I somehow convinced him that this was the right time to make me his girlfriend. Who wouldn’t want someone to come home to? Who wouldn’t want packages sent made with love? I wanted to be the light at the end of the tunnel – which now Greg’s says all the time! I was his light when things got really dark. After an 11 month deployment, numerous face time calls, we knew this was it. He came back September 2016 and on January 29th, 2017 he asked me to marry him in Downtown Detroit outside of Punch Bowl Social among all our friends and my cousin that made a trip to visit all the way from Germany- coincidentally he was there at the perfect time! It was the perfect evening with the most perfect snowflakes coming down on us and people viewing from every window it seemed! Best night of my life thus far….”

“I always tell Greg that it was always him. It’s always been you as we say to each other. We wouldn’t take the years of friendship away and replace it with anything else. Everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. We have a love story that people talk about and yearn to have the love we have. We know we are truly fortunate to have found each other and continue our friendship and love every day in this journey of marriage.”

Behind the scenes from our time in Greece with Adrienne & Amber.

A few words from a&a…“Coming to Greece to document Greg and Lydia’s love story was an experience of a lifetime that will continue to inspire us as artists. The friendships that we made with our clients and their families will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts. Hands down one of the best couple’s around! We are so happy you found each other and can’t wait to see where life takes you!”

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