Fadi + Jillian

Fadi + Jillian // 05.12.18

“I knew Fadi was a man I could marry pretty quickly by the way he pursued me so intentionally. We met in a bible study so by the nature of that setting we got to know each other in a deep way that created not just a relationship but a rich friendship with a steady foundation in faith. Our relationship was slow and sweet. One of the most precious memories of our dating relationship is also one of the hardest. It was a night at his house after he had been away for a long weekend. We were catching up and somehow got into a very serious conversation. We both bore our hearts to one another, our deepest secrets and most painful regrets. I sat there and sobbed, and he did too. We prayed and then remained there in silence for a while, feeling so vulnerable and exposed, yet fully loved. There we were, face to face with one another, knowing the worst things about each other, yet both there, steady and sure. I knew then he would be the one I married, by my side walking through life’s trenches… together.


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