Grant + Alyssa


May 26, 2017

As you know we love telling love stories and this one is just perfect. Grant and Alyssa truly are each other’s happiness. We witnessed it all day long and the amount of love they received from their intimate wedding ceremony and reception was an honor to be a part of. We are very happy you both found each other. It sun was shining the whole day at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, MI.

“Grant and I met thru our work. I had just moved back from California and took the first job I was offered as a receptionist and he happened to be a physician at the practice. After a few months of flirting and getting whip lash every time we walked passed each other he finally came up to me one night and gave me his number written on a script pad. After our first date that was it! We went on more dates and in time moved in together. My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost 4 years before he passed away. When his health started getting very bad and we found out he didn’t have long we planned our wedding from start to finish in 32 days. He was such a huge part of our lives and daily routine. We were so close to having him with us for our wedding and he died just 6 days before the wedding. So with no time to spare, we planned for a funeral and wedding just 3 days apart. Our wedding consisted of 45 people. We wanted a very small and intimate setting with only our closest friends and family. I must say it was extremely hard carrying on a wedding after such tragedy. Everyone is consistently telling you day in and out this is the best time of your life while I just said my goodbyes to my hero of 26 years. Our wedding still managed to be absolutely perfect despite all that happened just 3 days prior to “I do.” We are extremely thankful for such amazing family and friends and to everyone who made our night the most magical night ever.”

Venue: Royal Park Hotel, Rochester, Michigan
Cake: The Home Bakery
Dress: David’s Bridal
DJ: DJ Spranger



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