Kevin + Lauren

“Kevin and I met in Royal Oak! We were both living there at the time. We met one Friday night in April 2014 at the “classy” Fifth Ave bar. Kevin did not typically go out on Friday nights since he worked early on Saturday mornings, but he was randomly out with his buddies and I was out with some girl friends for a birthday celebration. As the night was coming to an end, my friends and I wanted a picture of us all together, and I just happen to ask the cute boy standing next to me to take our picture. And just like that fate brought us together! After Kevin took our picture, we chatted for the rest of the night and we had our first date the very next day! He won me over with jalapeño burgers and IPA’s, and the rest is history! ”

“Kevin was very sneaky about our proposal! He did such a great job….
We had planned a camping trip up north at Pictured Rocks for his birthday weekend  with some of our closest friends. We left a few hours earlier than everyone else to set up our campsite. We spent a few hours that hot July day dragging all the supplies from the car, getting thing settled and finally our tent set up (we are NOT campers! This was our first camping trip- so it took us some time to figure it all out haha). And just when we sit down to have a nice cold beer, Kevin suggest that we go on a hike! I pretended to be excited about the idea because I really just wanted to sit and relax after all the hard work we had just done. I tried to instead suggest that we wait for our friends who were suppose to arrive at the campground within the hour. He did not budge- he wanted to hike! I then got a text from one of my friends that they had hit traffic and were going to be late! So we set off for the trail. It turned out to be a beautiful night for a hike! We hiked out to Miners Castle Point and we climbed out on a large rock that overlooked Lake Michigan. We stood on the ledge together, hand in hand. And just as the most perfect summer sun set in the sky, he turned to me, and began telling me all the reasons why he loves me. He actually pulled out a piece of paper with a list of 100 reasons why he loves me, a list that he had been keeping over the years. Then, he got down on one knee, pulled a ring from his pocket, and asked me to marry him. I immediately said YES! and jumped into his arms, so happy and excited! I was completely blown away! and after a few moments of embracing each other- he told me to turn around, and when I looked behind us, I saw our best friends, the ones “caught in traffic”, standing there. They were able to be apart of our special moment and capture pictures for us to have forever. BEYOND PERFECT DAY!!”

“From the moment we met, we just clicked, our connection has always been easy and natural- like we have known each other our entire lives. Our personalities and sense of humors are amazingly similar. It’s just simple for us. I believe we truly bring out the best in each other. We are so fortunate to have found each other and we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together! Hurry up June 2018!”

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